In 2015 There Will Be a 2015 Guide to Community Support Agriculture (CSA’s) – Call for Help

January 12, 2015 at 10:24 am

A Community of Community Supported Agriculture


Winter CSA - 142202

If we’ve done nothing else well at the Local Beet, we’ve put out an excellent listing each year of Chicago area Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms–our last one is here. The backbone of our current list stems from the diligent research of long time Beet contributor Wendy Aeschlimann. In addition, local food maven and CSA advocate, Robin Schirmer, has played a strong role in ensuring we have the best list possible. Their work will play a good part in what goes up in 2015. Still, we would like your help too.

Before we post our 2015 listing of CSAs, we love to get your feedback in a couple of ways. First of all, do you know any farms missing from our big list? We like to think we know it all, but we also know we don’t. If you know of a CSA out there that we don’t, please tell us. Second, what’s special about your CSA (or do you know about a special CSA). Which CSA farm is growing figs? Who’s starting early and going late? Finally, what did you think about your CSA? Can you give us honest feedback?

Use the comments to add what you want, or if you prefer, you can send me an email at Rob AT Your help is much appreciated.



  1. Anne Nischke says:

    My brother just forwarded me this website/link. My husband and I farm in central WI and we have a CSA pick up spot in Wilmette, and a new one in Highland Park this year. Here’s our website in case you want to include us in your CSA list. Also, our facebook page has photos of our 2014 CSA boxes reference on what we provide.


  2. Until the 2015 Guide goes up, keep in mind that Peasants’ Plot is off “hiatus,” as reported last year. We are back with FULL PRODUCTION AND FULL SEASON SHARES this year. We are ready to go with locations in Lincoln Square, Ravenswood PLUS Home Delivery. New locations are all posted on our website. Thank you for letting me make this quick note, Julia

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