The Coldest Farmer’s Market Ever

January 6, 2015 at 10:52 am

Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s a new year and new season to revitalize the Local Beet.  Despite the dearth of posts, know that we have been eating local and will continue to eat local in 2015.  The Local Family’s ability to remain a local family come much easier these days.  We find markets all winter including Evanston, Logan Square, and 61st Street.  Our CSA comes year-round from Tomato Mountain.*  We can supplement from Irv and Shelly, whose Fresh Pick’s inventory of local produce right now includes salad mix, celery root, sweet potatoes, various radishes and more.  Seems easy now, but walking Molly the Eat Local Dog the last couple of days, I thought back to that time in very early 2008, when we did our locavore shopping at the coldest farmer’s market ever.

Ever go shopping where it was so cold the apple seller had to remain in a sealed vehicle lest the product froze. Us hardy types who wanted a red delicious or two had to wait. The partner with the bum end of the deal banged on the door. Up it rolled. Inside with space heater and fruit, the other filled the order. That day in January about as cold as this day in January, five farmers served the college town. Besides apples, we could buy eggs, bison, and hoop-house lettuce. Always needing greens, we got the rest just to support the hardy farmers. Could you imagine an outside farmer’s market in Chicago in January? In Polar Vortex II? Ann Arbor continues to hold their farmer’s market year-round, outdoors, whatever the temp. Think about the efforts some, farmers and shoppers, made to have local food. What are you gonna do this year.

*Tomato Mountain employs the Condiment Queen.