Save a Pepper, Eat a Pepper – 3rd Annual Beaver Dam Celebration September 20 at Green City Market

September 13, 2014 at 8:33 am

Friend of Beet, Lee Greene, has a thing for heirloom fruits and vegetables. She knows that if there’s a story to it, a lineage, a uniqueness, the item will taste a little bit better. Originally from Germany, but indoctrinated into slow food dogma after time in Italy, Lee came to the USA with an idea of highlighting our most special products. More, she came to this part of the US, the Mid-West. She developed a taste and an affinity for our regional and local products, the heirlooms of our area. She started Scrumptious Pantry to develop recipes with our fruits and vegetables. She’s always had a special love for a unique heirloom pepper originally grown near Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Rich in flavor and of decent flavor, the pepper lost commercial favor because it did not fit the specs of other so called consumer-friendly peppers. Lee knew that the best way to save this species was to encourage us to eat it. She canned pickled Beaver Dam peppers to be sold at farmer’s markets. And for the third year, she’s organized a celebration of the pepper. While the Beaver Dam celebration focuses on this heirloom, it is really about all heirlooms, and about the need to preserve and protect what tastes special to our locale.

On Saturday, September 20, 2014, Green City Market and Scrumptious Pantry will celebrate the Beaver Dam pepper as well as other heirloom fruits and vegetables. There will be prepared dishes made from the Beaver Dam pepper, a scavenger hunt for the kids and other activities to raise awareness on why we need to eat what’s unique. We hope to see you there.


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  1. Lee says:

    We’ve got confirmations for tasty specials that day from Abby’s Crepes, River Valley Kitchens, Zullo’s, Cookies & Carnitas, Gayle’ Best Cheese, Crumb Bread, Nomad Food Company (Pizza!) and Hoosier Mama Pie. It will be spectacular!! So thankful for the support of these talented chefs!

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