Chicago Market – A Community Co-op

August 28, 2014 at 3:26 pm

Local Beet2

I am a proud owner of Chicago Market!

Chicago Market is a start-up grocery cooperative on the north side of Chicago that is committed to changing the food system by offering sustainably and ethically produced goods of all kinds. Chicago Market will help both owners and producers by re-establishing the connections between them and offering fair prices for the whole community.

I am an owner because I think it will make life as a locavore easier and it will help support the farmers and artisans that work so hard to give us our food. Being an owner of Chicago Market means that I am a partial owner of the grocery store which means that I have a vote in what happens in the store. This is exactly what I have been looking for – a way to own my food choices. I have been lucky enough to be a part of it since Greg Berlowitz founded it last March.

Chicago Market now finds itself in the homestretch of its first campaign to get 1000 members in 100 days. This is a very ambitious goal, yes, but it is what the food system in Chicago needs. It is a community that is built around helping everyone and encourages actively thinking about your food choices and habits. As a cooperative, Chicago Market will require transparent and honest business practices and give fair wages to its employees. It will give back to the community by engaging the whole community.

The great thing about Chicago Market is that everyone has their own very personal reason for becoming an owner. Some owners have young kids and want to make sure that they are being fed organic food. Some owners are very active in their communities and want to create programs to help educate others about making educated food decisions. I believe strongly in creating a store that sells ethically raised meat and practices whole animal butchery. Chicago Market allows me to say that and feel like my voice is heard.

I strongly encourage everyone to become an owner with me and take the food system into your hands. Chicago Market’s next information session is on September 6 at Edgewater Library. Come and hear many members of the Steering Committee talk about their stories and ask any questions you may have and consider becoming a part of the next great grocery store in Chicago: Chicago Market!