This Does Seem Like a Weekly Harvest (Of Eat Local Links)

March 24, 2014 at 3:52 pm

Click Local

Had an unusually hard time finding links today. Let us know if you have any good additions.


The World Cheese Championship focuses on commercial, rather than artisan and farmstead cheeses, but it’s still nice to see how well local fared. ┬áSome even say we dominated.

Speaking of local cheese, BIG news.

Drink more local.

Titus tracks down more cools spots, this one a butcher in Michigan City.

Eat local Gloucester, Australia.

Green Garfield Park.

Another reason to get your organic local.

More good press for that other Beet crew.

Good tips ahead of Spring Cleaning.

Jeannie always says when you have nothing else to read, get to the Nourishing the Planet.