Our Weekly Harvest of Eat Local Links

March 17, 2014 at 9:13 pm

Each week we harvest a new set of links of locavore lore and other interesting articles.  Enjoy what we reaped.


Great addition to the cast!

We’ll have many more links highlighting the fun we all had at this year’s Good Food Fest, but Tammy sure helps in getting things going.

Eat local pizza (sorta, you get the drift).

Seeds of hope.

The best cheese in the world this year may be local cheese.  And we can call our local cheese any damn thing we want.  This is America.

Do you want to live in an Agrihood?

Is there a cuisine of the Midwest?

Way to go Sugar Beet.

Wait until after you’ve come back from your fast food dinner before reading this.

Our next job?

Share with us some good stuff you’ve been reading.