Weekly Harvest of Eat Local Links

November 4, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Great eat local ideas, tips from our friends up north.

Everything tastes better when the fire is real.

Universities (in Canada at least) are ground zero for the locavore movement.

Friend of Beet, Jim Slama, blogs about Whole Foods new move towards transparancy in the produce it sells.

Local cheese love coming from Salt Lake City.

There’s a nice article in Crain’s Chicago on SloFig and it’s angel-investor support of local companies, including a recent investment with Dan Rosenthal’s restaurant group, but I’ve hit my limit of free articles and cannot get the link anymore. See what you can do.

I’ve actually been to Dothan Alabama. If I ever go back, I can explore some local food.

From our friends at the Land Connection, how to live longer.