The Fate of VB6 Decided (For Now)

October 21, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Eat More Anchovies

I really appreciate Mike Gebert spreading the word on my VB6 efforts.  And just when more are paying attention, I’m here to tell you, I’m done.  From now on, I can have anchovies with my lunch salad and also put a little feta cheese come dinner.  I’m risking it.

For those just checking in as our story comes to an end, let me run through the tale quickly.  It started in April when my younger daughter decided to eat vegan for an episode of the Oak Park River Forest TV show she produced.  A week of eating for the show seemed too easy, so she challenged herself to a month of soy-a-copia.  Her mom jumped right along as support.  I did not but had to eat a lot of vegan anyways as that’s what was happening in the kitchen.  Although I would make it a point to have weekly business lunches just for the excuse to eat burgers at Monk’s Pub, I did notice a rapidly decreasing diameter to my midline.  Something was working.  So, my wife said, dared, commit to a more vegan lifestyle.  Not one fully vegan, but the reasonable method espoused by Mark Bittman, of mostly vegan eating.   Challenge set, I went fourth to see what would happen for 28 days.  I may have said that the days flew by, but at not point was I less than miserable on VB6.  I was constantly aware of what I was not having.  Yet, when she released me to eat more yogurt, I hesitated.  As I noted, here and here, I kept a-going.  I liked what I was seeing in the mirror.  I did not want to ruin a good thing.  Until it did not seem a good thing.

Like I say, I bristled constantly under the strictures of Vb6.  Would I really die if I ate a little more meat things?  Especially when I looked at calorie counts, was I gaining that much slack in my diet with vegan meals.  I did not know as I wrestled though more days of VB6.  Then, I noticed it was not just my spirit that seemed miserable.  I felt a little more miserable all over.  In addition to my diet improvements of late, I’ve also been trying hard to work out regularly and also work out with that dreaded, newly popular, intensity.  My diet did not seem to support my workout habits.  I felt I was not quite recovering well enough.  I stayed tired a little longer than I needed, and as you may be able to tell from the dearth of posts, I had some focus issues.  I felt I needed to amp up the protein in my diet a bit.

I wanted those 20+ grams of protein in a serving of Greek yogurt.  I wanted the anti-inflammatory wonders of those little salty fishes.   I wanted a little more oomph in my eating to oomph me along.  I’ll also tell you this.  I had exhausted my will power.  In pretty much every VB6 post I made, I mentioned the secret to the diet was not so much the animal, vegetable, mineral mix; it was the proclamation to “eat (almost) no junk.”  Surely no one get’s healthier on a diet of Do Rite donuts and Delightful Pastries.  You don’t need me or Bittman telling you that.  Knowing not to eat junk and not eating junk, are, of course, two different things. Being in the Loop and skipping a Do Rite was hard. Very hard. Keeping the lid on the anchovies because it was not six yet, that was insult to injury.

The scary thing is, now that I’ve released myself, what fills the void. Will I just start scarfing Gene and Jude’s hot dogs like Kobayashi until I gave back all my winnings? I have to tell you, my wife’s a bit worried. She believes I need the discipline of VB6. I’m hopeful I don’t because I’m significantly happier with my eating now. Now currently includes a fair amount of vegan meals, and until Tomato Mountain stops putting so much damn lettuce in our CSA boxes, I’m not letting go of all those the salads. It was just nice, today, to meet up with one of my old friends, big salad, a/k/a salad with leftover roast chicken, for lunch and not worry if it will impact my dinner.


Don’t go away. I’ll keep you in the loop on how things are going.