Yes! Local Food Still Widely Available

September 20, 2013 at 3:53 pm

Eat Local Supermarkets

Based on visits to various area grocery stores as well as perusals of ads shows that local food can still be widely found at places besides farmer’s markets.

Plum Market Chicago

plum 4

We told you we knew of Plum Market before they became a Local Beet sponsor, as we saw their ample eat local inventory on a visit to their Ann Arbor store a few years back.  A recent visit there found much local food including tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, basil, peaches and melon from local sources.


We hold Dominick’s to a high standard based on their promotions. Sadly, we’ve found not much of late to back up their signs promising local food.


The only thing in the ad: Wisconsin russet potatoes. We suspect more in-store.

Fresh Farms

We’ve never seen their ad in the papers we review.  On the other hand, loving this store, we’ve actually been there several times in recent weeks.  Their fresh lake fish is outstanding.  In-store, we’ve seen many local items including peaches, grapes, peppers, muskmelons, and tomatoes.



Treasure Island

Their weekly ad, on the back page of the Trib Food section, lists locally grown cucumbers, zucchini, and yellow squash, and Michigan carrots and apples.

Angelo Caputo’s


Caputo’s advertises local eggplants and grapes, but a recent visit to their store showed a lot more including peaches, sweet corn, various peppers, celery, apples, and melon.

Sunset Foods

As we have noted before, Sunset Foods proudly proclaims its affiliation with Didier Farms of Illinois. This week’s Sunset ad shows Didier cabbage (green, red and savoy) and several types of Didier hard squash. We suspect some of their other produce is also from Didier Farms, so ask.

Tony’s Finer Foods


A couple of things: cucumbers, apples, and carrots.

Ultra Foods


Michigan apples, zucchini and yellow squash; Wisconsin red potatoes, and an note saying they get fresh fruits and vegetables daily from Hennings Greenhouse, Demotte, Indiana.

Food 4 Less

See Jewel

Super Low Foods

super low foods

Various Michigan apples.


That would be a surprise, no?


Locally grown sweet corn, Michigan apples.


See Jewel.



What local foods are you seeing at your neighborhood grocery stores?



  1. Meg Jedrey says:

    I’ve seen local produce advertised at the aldi on 95th & Western for the past couple months. Corn zucchini green beans tomatoes…
    Things are changing on the south side!

  2. Robert Haugland says:

    Downstate at the Peoria and Galesburg Aldis there are several items advertised as local such as Wisconsin potatoes. The Kroger Stores in Peoria have signs in the produce section proclaiming “Locally Grown Produce.” I am not sure what is local though. The HyVee chain has made an effort to buy local and will label what is local through out the store. HyVee has stores in the Quad Cities, Galesburg, Macomb, and Peoria.

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