The Fate of VB6

September 18, 2013 at 4:16 pm

See My Problem

I’ve told you that with the gentle persuasion of the Condiment Queen, I adopted the Mark Bittman derived, “VB6″ eating plan, for a 28 day trial. I kvelled last week over achieving this challenge. What I have not said, will I endure more VB6 eating.

Yes, endure is the word I still need to use. After a lifetime of eating mostly what I’ve wanted, any plan, no matter what, has put pain into the way I look at food. Because now, for now (at least) I constantly see, what I am not eating, not what I am eating. I walk out the health club doors and the aromas of Five Guys beguile me. I lunch on prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sandwich at Freddy’s and pain over not being able to put grated local cheese on pasta at dinner that night confounds me. Still, as I noted the other day, I’ve (almost) stuck to the plan after the challenge ended.

As I wound my way through the 28 days, I insisted I would ditch VB6 as soon as I could. I would not turn 180 degrees, becoming Paleo, nor would I just give in to old days of Italian beef and Gene and Jude’s. Instead, I kept on talking about cheese and dairy. I wanted more. I wanted some Greek style yogurt for local berries; I wanted to use fresh sheep’s milk cheese as a base for summer tomatoes, and I wanted a Greek salad to be a greek salad, with feta. Except I did not.

Day 29, I am sure, was to show my wife that it was not a fluke. That I would abide even though released. Days 30, 30, 32, just seemed momentum, the thing to do. Where I go back and fourth: is structure good is this structure good; is their value in a plan even if obedience to the plan becomes the goal. I vacillate. I tell you, I vacillate. I am highly motivated by the fact that my tummy has not been this flat in twenty years. And I had the fortune (or misfortune) of wondering who this Joel Fuhrman MD was after seeing him take up a big block of time on the TV grid. I am convinced, more than ever, that I should eat less animal. The question remains, how much less.

boiled chicken

Last week, I made a call to ditch VB6 for the day because it just seemed practical to eat crappy Bohemian food (no really!). Today was the second day I strayed. I have in the plans for dinner, a meeting with friends for Thai food. There will be pork neck and Issan sausage and catfish, and duh, tons of fish sauce. It would have to be the non-vegan meal, but there was also poached chicken from last Friday, our Yom Kippur’s Eve meal on the lunch plate. I yearn for a smaller waist. I despise waste. Today the homonyms collided. Thrift won. Do you see my problem. That portion of chicken, skin and fat off, sharing a plate with herbaceous salsa verde, chick peas, tomatoes, jalapenos and roasted peppers; did I really do any damage to my dietary goals? Yet, will today’s good chicken be tomorrow’s fried chicken?

To be continued.