Recycled – 44 Ways to Use Local Peaches

August 27, 2013 at 3:19 am

Local peaches, mostly from Southwestern Michigan have been around for several weeks now, but right about now, we are in the peak of the season, when the freestone, Red Haven peaches dominate the market.  There’s nothing wrong with eating a peach out of hand, doing it like I’ve needed to do, over the sink, but what else.  Last year we brainstormed 44 ways to eat your peaches.  Let us know what we’ve missed.

Grilled, alongside whatever else is on the barbie; chopped with jalepeno and red onion as a salsa; roasted with duck; baked with thick pork chops; dried overnight in your oven or using a food dehydrator, so you have a local fruit to give to the kids later on; not quite dried but ready for the trail when made into fruit leather; peach princess pudding; peach pie; peach cobbler, peach kuchen;  canned so that you make a melba to remember or a local diet plate; canned with spices for a winter relish (spiced peaches); mixed with even more spices for a chutney; peach pancakes; with bacon, an heirloom tomato, and rocket (arugula) for a PBTA; roasted, stuffed with fresh ricotta and drizzled with honey; pureed for Bellini’s; cold peach soup; peach ice cream, peach sorbet, peach granita (or peach ice); peach glazed BBQ ribs; peach butter if you cook it down a lot or peach jam which is cooked down but not quite; a salad with roasted pecans and goat cheese; mixed with summer berries for a fruit salad; fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of good balsamic; Italian peach wedding cookies; champagne poached peaches; stewed; stuffed into french toast; peach kugel; dried for fried pies; peach fried rice; with prosciutto or raw country ham; threaded with pork tenderloin and grilled as kebobs; brandied peaches; peach dumplings; peach donuts; peach muffins; upside down cake or do we call it (peach tarte tartin?); mixed into cottage cheese (not Breakstone); peaches and cream