Back to School with this Weekly Harvest of Eat Local Links

August 27, 2013 at 11:15 am


We did not like the demise of City Provisions Deli in this space, but we certainly look forward to River Valley Ranch taking over.

Help Pilsen eat local.

Drink mid-priced wine.

The locapour conundrum.

We actually think that dried herbs play a vital role in good eating, but otherwise find these tips to make meals better very apt.

And using a knife better is maybe the surest way to better cooking.

Keep an eye out for more girls and goats coming from up north.

Have you seen a Paul Robeson tomato and wondered?

Did you catch us on WBEZ? ┬áHere’s the podcast.


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  1. Robert Haugland says:

    With the Paul Robeson tomato, if you do have plants with blight, do not save the seeds from those plants! Find a new source for the seeds if you want to keep growing them. The seeds save from a plant with almost any disease stand a good chance of carrying that disease. The resulting next generation of plants will probably be infected from the onset.

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