Wendy and More in This Week’s Harvest of Eat Local Links

August 19, 2013 at 3:18 pm


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We’d like to believe this is true, but call us skeptical (via).

We just don’t buy this idea that ”processing and packaging of food far outweighs travel when it comes to how much our food sources strain the environment,” as a reason not to favor eating local.

No, it does not surprise me that Detroit’s on this list of top six cities for eating local.

I once made (I think a really good) list of 50 quintessential foods of the region.  USA Today recently did their own list, coming up with a mere 10 Midwestern foods you must try–and their version of the Midwest draws a lot different than mine.

Get to Madison to try some award winning cheeses.

Some really serious reasons why to care about climate change.