UPDATED! – See What I’m Eating and Not Eating on VB6

August 8, 2013 at 7:57 am


Is That a Vegan Egg?

PV breakfast

To the benefit of the world, I post a lot of pictures of what I eat.  On Twitter, on Instagram and on Facebook, you’ll see a lot of food. During yesterday’s breakfast, Beet Co-Founder, Michael Morowitz tweeted me back on my choice of VB6 meal.  On the eggs, I said, “As much as the Slagel sausage,” (to the consternation of my wife who hates such behavior). See, once again, I was taking my non-vegan meal first. Bittman surely does not encourage such strategy. Methinks he wants you to get your vegan meals out of the way so you won’t be tempted, but I have enough good vegan food around I can avoid the temptation of meat the rest of the way. Besides, did Mark Bittman win a free breakfast at Perennial Virant for being the first person on Facebook to know what a tomatillo looked like up close?

vb6 breakfast 1

I did eat a vegan breakfast on Tuesday because I had Korean leftovers, with some pork and seafood, to eat for dinner that night. This breakfast perfectly pictures what I can and cannot eat as a VB6-er: butter and cheese. This is a plate of of a basic “Turkish breakfast.” And it’s missing some fundamental pieces. No yogurt. No feta. No butter on the bread. I’ll tell you here and I’ll tell you through out this 28 day dare my wife gave me, it’s dairy that’s the hardest. It would really tie those ingredients together.  As a couple of people have asked, in lieu of butter on my bread, that’s a teensy bit of olive oil and a few slices of garlic. With great local produce, I did manage without the cheese.

vb6 dinner 1

Monday was another day I started with milk in my coffee, so I ended my eating with this. Again, I am the beneficiary of a lot of good food already in the house, a strategy Bittman promotes too. It was easy to throw together dinner from items already made–cabbage salad from Friday night’s dinner; padron peppers from Saturday’s Turkish breakfast.  The stuff on the bread, that’s somewhere between a pesto and a green olive tapenade that the Condiment Queen mashed up when she thought our basil was looking weak.  Of course when your Queen is employed by a place called Tomato Mountain, you have plenty of tomatoes to fill out any meal, vegan or otherwise.

vb6 lunch 1

And here’s a lunch. A couple of brew-sket-a: summer squash stewed in Tomato Mountain whole roasted tomatoes and grilled zucchini.

Won’t be so hard making this challenge, do ya think?

UPDATE! I just thought I’d update you on the added mirth this diet has provided my wife.  See, she was just besides herself this morning in laughter.  In just about 20 years of marriage, she’s never seen me attempt an actual diet beyond the occasional, “make good decisions,” but what she’s also rarely seen me do over this time is eat a lot of breakfasts.  I am not a regular AM eater.  Yet, to her great amusement  I’m not just eating breakfast this week, but using that meal as my non-vegan meal; today it was cereal, local milk and local nectarines.  Ha ha ha ha…