What’s Local at Your Neighborhood Grocery Store.

July 12, 2013 at 4:35 pm

TI ad - 7-10

Every week when Jeannie puts out her latest, greatest Local Calendar, she highlights the several stores around the Chicago are that focus on local food.  We want you to patronize those places.  This time of year, however, it’s a little easier to find local food.  As we noted the other day, Dominick’s is making especially big promises to have local produce this summer.  Let’s see how they’re doing, and let’s see what else we can find local at our neighborhood grocery stores.

To do this, we mostly just look in the inserts available in the Chicago papers.  We might do a little web snooping, and if we’ve gone shopping for fizzy water or coffee, we might even have some in-store intel.  Please help us amend any of our findings.


We’re gonna hold them hard to their promises, and based on this week’s ad, no local produce was being offered.




Shopping here often, we know they’re as big as any supermarket on eating local.  We did not see a flyer in our paper, so we checked out their web site.  There, we found Michigan lettuce and “locally grown cabbage.”

Treasure Island

That’s their ad pictured above from the back page of this week’s Tribune food section.  We were a bit surprised to see that much local food on offer, but then later in the ad we noticed that they were equating Arkansas with local, so we are not sure how “local” all of that stuff is.

ag - ad - 7-11

A & G International Fresh Market

We find a lot to like at this city supermarket, but local foods are not generally some of them. This week’s ad told us we were wrong.  That’s locally grown cabbage on offer according to the ad.

What else are you seeing?