Check out Peoria Heights Farmers Market

July 8, 2013 at 10:38 am

I checked out the Peoria Heights Farmers Market in Peoria Heights, Illinois this past Wednesday. There was plenty of berries, honey and herbs displayed as these are what is in season right now in Central Illinois. There were also a lot of value added products as well.


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Green Acres Herb Farm of Lowpoint, Illinois Green Acres grows 5 acres of over 400 herbs, plus a large selection of heirloom vegetables and flowers.

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A business of Plow Creek Fellowship, affiliated with the Mennonite Church USA, Plow Creek Farm is located 8 miles south of Princeton, Illinois and 3/4 miles east of the town of Tiskilwa, on Tiskilwa Bottom Road. They had plenty of blueberries and blackberries as well as honey and baked products.

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Located on Illinois Route north of Spring Bay, Illinois, Jenkins Farm Market had a few veggies as well as noodles and other products.


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Aleece’s Pita Chips are made in East Peoria, Illinois. This stand is representative of the Peoria Area’s large Lebanese community. Famous Peorians such as Secretary of Transportation Ray Lahood and Former Peoria Mayor Jim Maloof are among the members of this community that have made a mark on the area. The local food scene has also been influenced by the Lebanese community.  Sold in local natural food stores, high-end grocery stores, gift shops, and supermarkets, Aleece’s Pita Chips are also available in restaurants and hotels exclusive to the Peoria area. Currently there are plans in place to expand distribution of the healthy snack throughout Illinois and the continental United States as well as via the internet.

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Originating in 1989 as part of the thriving O’Leary’s Restaurant, Apple’s Bakery creates great baked goods including a large selection of gluten free products made in a dedicated non-gluten bakery area. Apple’s Bakery relocated in 1998 to their current Peoria location at 8412 North Knoxville Avenue.

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Prescott’s Farm had a few veggies and herbs on hand. Prescott’s Farm is a 34 acre multi-purpose farm near Canton, Illinois in Fulton County. Prescott’s Farm uses sustainable farming practices which includes a natural version of Integrated Pest Management.  IPM is an approach to managing pests that combines the intelligent selection and use of pest control actions. These actions include: biological controls, cultural practices, physical tools, and if necessary, only naturally occuring chemical tools.

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Peoria Heights Farmers Market is open every Wednesday from 3:30 to 6:30 pm. It is located in Heritage Square, 4450 North Prospect Road, Peoria Heights, Illinois.

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