Just Label It Hearings In Normal, Il Update-What You Can Do To Make GE Labeling The Law!

June 30, 2013 at 8:17 pm

LetMeDecide_SQ-Main-300x250This is an update to the current debate and commitment to getting a GE Labeling bill passed in Illinois. State Senator Dave Koehler D-Peoria introduced Bill 1666 to the State Legislature and has sponsored a series of hearings this summer to bring the issue to the public. The first one just took place in Normal, Il, the next one is in Carbondale on August 7 and the final one is in Chicago on September 17th. This is a recap of the meeting in Normal and what is next.

For a perspective on this issue, 64 other countries in this world require GE Labeling.  In her remarks during the hearing in Normal, speaking in support of labeling, Hailey Golds, field director for Illinois Public Interest Research Group, said failure to label costs farmers and the U.S. economy hundreds of millions of dollars in lost exports to countries that require labeling.  Just recently, the discovery of unapproved GE wheat in a field in Oregon resulted in Japan’s cancellation of U.S. wheat orders.

Two local Peoria media outlets attended and reported on the details of the hearings, The Peoria Story and The Prairie Advocate. Both reports have the details on who attended, a recap of the hearings and links to what GE Labeling is all about.

To me the most poignant speaker and information that came from the hearings as reported by the Peoria Story are the comments of distinguished emeritus professor of molecular genetics at ISU, Herman Brockman, who was met with repeated applause during his testimony in favor of labeling. Brockman said labeling gives people freedom of choice, “a bedrock and precious freedom.” For further detail on his testimony go to both sources for more commentary.

Food and Water Watch has created a flyer with more information about the next hearing and what you as an individual can do.

GE Labeling Hearing #2 Flyer

Here is a link to my last post on the Beet. If you would like to get actively involved in the campaign to see that this bill gets passed, contact Jessica Fujan at Food and Water Watch,  jfujan@fwwatch.org

You have a chance to make a difference, companies like Chipotle are taking this issue seriously and have acted, make your voice heard and show that you care about the food that you eat!