UPDATED! – This Week’s Harvest of Eat Local Links Goes Back to New Orleans

June 17, 2013 at 10:54 am

UPDATE: A salacious little link from Eater National.

Fun Stuff Found in the Locavore-net


As a former Tulane law student, I’ve been following this current eat local challenge in New Orleans closely. Here’s a good article looking at whether eating local is just for rich vegans and another piece by the same blogger on the costs of eating local.

Anthony Todd points out in Chicagoist that how many of us are less secure with food than we think.

Local Beet contributor Matt Kirouac does not rest. Here he thinks about becoming a butcher?

52 wild plants to spot and eat.

It is really a choice between organic or local?

Jeannie would say, when in doubt, see what the have at Nourishing the Planet or what Ben Hewitt has to say.

NEW!Strip club adopts locally sourced menu, doubles sales.

Let us know what else you’re reading.