Do You Want To See Illinois Pass A GE Labeling Bill? You Have A Chance This Summer to Make A Difference

June 5, 2013 at 10:28 pm


CT my home state was the first state to pass a GMO Labeling Bill in the country. I feel that it is somehow karmic that Illinois becomes the next state to pass one!! We all have a chance to make a difference and help make that happen!! State Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria) who is chairman of the Agricultural Committee introduced legislation this spring requiring companies to label genetically engineered foods SB 1666. Instead of pushing the legislation forward to a vote, Koehler decided to have a series of hearings throughout Illinois to get input from both sides of the issue. The outcome of these hearings will determine whether Genetically Engineered foods are labeled in Illinois. This is your chance to show Illinois law-makers we urgently demand transparent food labeling! The hearings will take place on:

June 20th, 10am – Bone Student Center ISU – Normal

August 7th, 12pm – Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

September 17th, 10am – Michael Bilandic building – Chicago

This is going to be THE deciding factor about whether or not  this bill will carry next year and we need all the support we can rally. If you cannot make any of these hearings, the biggest impact you can have is by writing/emailing your state senator and asking them to support this bill. It takes 2 minutes at the most to be an internet advocate, your email does make a difference!!! For more info: 773.396.6088 –


You have a chance to meet Executive Director of Food and Water Watch Wenonah Hauter this Wednesday June 12 6pm at The Book Cellar. She will be reading from and signing copies of her book, Foodopoly and will ,also, be able to answer questions and discuss the Let’s Label It Campaign. She will be in Winetka, June 13 at The Bookstall in Chestnut Court

Are you confused over GE Labeling, wondering what all the hullabaloo is about Monsanto, read this prior post on the Beet where we published Food and Water Watch’s comprehensive report.

What is this issue about Food Transparency and Labeling?

The introduction of SB 1666.