Farmer’s Markets are What’s In Season Now

May 24, 2013 at 9:27 am



The most up to date information on markets, farm events and other eat local happenings occurs in our weekly Local Calendar.

We love when it is easy to get local food, and as May rolls into June, it’s getting a lot easier to get local food. Farmer’s Markets are in season now.

It’s easy to focus on a few markets, like Green City because they so strongly meet our eat local needs. Yet, there are 100′s of markets across the Chicago area, into Indiana, up into Wisconsin and all across Illinois. Find new farmers, unique products, and more ways to expand your locavore life.  The Local Beet has the biggest, most comprehensive list of area, and we define area broadly, farmers markets around.  In addition, the list if searchable and sortable.  See what’s out there.


Before heading out to one of those many markets, take the time to know what is in season.  Set your expectations.  Study recipes.  Know what to find.  And know what to find here.  First of all, you have to know what is in season for our little corner of the earth, not what’s in season in California or even what’s in season in Springfield, Illinois.  Second, you have to know what’s in season now, this year.  We keep up with what’s actually in the markets, now what could be in the markets.  We update our What’s in Season Guide as needed to ensure you know.


Knowing what’s in season is just one of the many tips we provide to help you shop the markets.

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