The Signs (and Animals) of the 61st Farmer’s Market

May 14, 2013 at 10:34 am

I Love Farmer’s Markets



61st sign 4

Over the last few weeks as I desperately tried to fill in enough information to launch this year’s Local Beet Market Locator, I was reminded of how many farmer’s markets I’ve yet to visit. From the interesting things happening in Grand Rapids, to the early opening Grayslake market, to so many others, I need to get around more. One market I’ve heard good things about for years is the market run by Experimental Station at 61st Street. This market addresses important food deserts on Chicago’s south side, but it also ably serves the Hyde Park community.

When I found out my wife would be covering this market for Tomato Mountain, I found a way to ride-along. 61st tomato mountain displayBesides all her jars, my wife had a rainbow of produce: green–Red Russian kale, tropicana lettuce, and Tokyo bekana; orange–carrots and magenta, white, green, yellow, etc.–Swiss chard.

It features a very good mix of fruits, vegetables, prepared products, pastured meat, and volunteer enthusiasm. Seasonal asparagus and rhubarb were well stocked this week. IN addition, as you can see from the picture above, the market had a little jump start on the season as Growing Power has some very early tomatoes grown inside.
61st ellis display



61st sign 10After helping her move some boxes I took off to eat pastries,
and record the signs of a successful market. Along the way, I found my other favorite thing to photograph, some animals. ┬áHere’s what I found on Saturday that was both hot and cold, drizzly at times and at other times so windy the market tents all nearly took off.




61st animal 1


Axel of Penny’s Pastries now also making crepes

61st sign 1


Kim had meat including her excellent bacon

61st sign 2


61st animal 2


Michigan fruit and vegetables

61st sign 5


Claire of Mike and Claire’s Farm had mostly seedlings but oregano and a few other things

61st sign 6



More Michigan fruit and a lot of people’s favorite asparagus

61st sign 7



Lucky Duck is a new Illinois farm, raising animals and growing Asian vegetables

61st sign 8


Market goodies

61st sign 9

More goodies

61st sign 11


It’s not a market without River Valley

61st sign 3

Vegan treats from B’Gabs Goodies

61st sign 12


61st animal 3

Go see for yourself the signs and animals. The market meets every Saturday from now through mid-December, from 9AM-2PM. During the outdoor season, which lasts through the end of October, the Market is located on 61st Street between Dorchester and Blackstone Avenues.