The 2013 season is getting off to a great start around Knox County in Western Illinois!

May 14, 2013 at 5:33 pm

For Spurgeon Veggies CSA, a single acre garden in East Galesburg, Illinois, the season kicks off today with their first pick up in Monmouth.  Among the items included in their CSA shares for the first week are buttercrunch lettuce, green onions, baby garlic, a bundle of pink beauty radishes, rhubarb, a pound of asparagus, arugula, mizuna, and garlic chives.


Spurgeon Veggies CSA basket

“We’re so excited to share the harvest with everyone!” exclaimed Eloise Spurgeon, owner. Spurgeon Veggies can also be found every Saturday at the Galesburg Farmers Market.


Spurgeon Veggies CSA


At our farm, Smiling Frog Farm in Dahinda, Illinois we have just started to plant. We suffered some wind damage to our hoop house over the winter so we were not able to utilize it much. Smiling Frog Farm will not have a CSA this year but we have begun to plant tomatoes and peppers and plan to plant many varieties of hot pepper as well as okra; and several ethnic vegetables such as Italian cucumber/melon, Italian zucchini, some Chinese melons, Chinese long bean, and komatsuna. We will use much of what we grow this year ourselves or sell some extra to Knox College; or at the farmers market in Oneida, Illinois.

Frog 1

Smiling Frog Farm


We are selling eggs this year from our free range chickens and ducks. These are available from our farm and at Vintages Tasting Room in Galesburg. We have also been raising hogs for several years now and had a new litter earlier this year.


Smiling Frog Farm


Another Knox County item:

Walt and Annette McAllister are planning to again use local ingredients where available during the 2013 season.  Q’s Cafe, at 319 East Main in Galesburg, offers homemade soups, sandwiches, salads and desserts.


Photo: Q’s Cafe

All food is made from scratch and they even bake their own bread. They have been known to experiment and unusual soups and sandwiches are offered. They also offer wonderful vegetarian fare. Walt is also famous for making his own bacon and charcuterie using local procured items. This is served both at Q’s and is sold at the Galesburg Farmers Market. Q’s Café:

I will be posting from time to time highlighting farmers, restaurants, events, and other items within the local food scene out here in Western Illinois. I will also try to interview any relevant person of note that comes to the area.

Robert Haugland