Last Week’s Harvest of Eat Local Links

May 13, 2013 at 11:39 am

Barn LogoAnother week where things ended too busy to get up our latest harvest of eat local links. Late as they may be, enjoy some extra reading in you locavore life.

The most essential reading of the week.

How do you see Green City Market?

A-Z, where you can get curds that squeak in Wisconsin.

We’d love to link to the annoucement of local food writer and friend of Beet, Mike Sula’s recent James Beard award, but you probably already got that news. Have you got the recent interview of Sula on Gaper’s Block where he talks a bit of his award and a bit more on his good fortune.

Speaking of Sula, he covers, favorably, a couple of other eat local favorites, Anne Kostrowski of Crumb Chicago, Mike Bancroft of Coop Hot Sauce, and their new co-venture, Sauce and Bread Kitchen.

We read about a Chicago area family embarking on a year long locavore challenge.

We don’t often look to Forbes for our links, but any list of eating tips that includes eat more desserts is a good link for us.

As much as we think we’re all things CSA here, we know there’s other good information including this list of how of to pick a good one from HuffPost.

For a while, we were filled with links related to Heifer’s Locavore Index measuring eating local by state. What about the best cities? We found this list and slide show but we cannot seem to find the supporting details.