Our Weekly Harvest of Eat Local Links

May 2, 2013 at 10:47 pm

Checking in From Madison and Other Places in the Locavore Universe




 Photograph courtesy of Cheese Underground

Defining “local” as an individual can be “almost a spiritual thing.”  Some interesting perspectives on what’s local from up in Madison.

Also, from Madison, sad news from our friends at Cheese Underground.  Our absolute favorite thing at the Dane County Farmer’s Market, Ann Topham’s fresh goat cheese  (Fantome Farms) is gone, as she takes a well deserved retirement

cropmob tractor


A podcast about building sustainable food systems in Michigan.

These 27 reasons are very convincing.

A good view from New Mexico

We understand that eating locally and organically can feel expensive. But it is cheaper than eating processed foods and becoming sick because we are fat and tired. Eating real food is cheaper than having a heart attack, or being diagnosed with diabetes, or getting bypass surgery to lose weight. Eating healthy — especially when you add up the costs of bad food and illness — is the cheapest thing a family can do.

We want to know when it’s Chicago grown.

Help our friend Amy launch her new enterprise.

There’s something about apples.