This Week’s Harvest of Eat Local Links

April 26, 2013 at 8:18 am

Use Your Freezer, Locavore Washing and More in this Week’s Harvest


Being timely this week means we’ve reaped a harvest of eat local links twice, but there’s always interesting stuff out there.

Sula calls out locavore washing here.  There are so many more culprits to name.

“What we call fresh in the supermarket is really better termed raw.”   A long time ago, we noted the importance a good freezer was to eating local.   Who knew we’d be ever be favorably quoting ConAgra here to support that idea.

Because all of the produce used in the program comes from farms within a 50-mile radius of Urbana, the program has helped support a piece of the local economy.”  Read about a great food delivery program going on downstate.

Texas may rank last in the Locavore Index, but don’t tell that to the people in Ft. Worth looking to eat local.

Another attempt to knock the feet out from under the locavore table.  See if you find it persuasive (hint, we don’t and the comments take care of some issues).

After all, as the daffodils bloom and the mannequins don spring prints, I’m in a panic for peas and fava beans. But despite misleading “spring menus” all over town, seeds are only just going into the ground, and for real Greenmarketeers, the cupboard’s still pretty bare. Frankly the eating was better in frozen January when my potatoes and carrots were three months fresher.”  Here’s someone who truly understands the cruelty of eating local in April.  She does have an excellent solution, eggs.

Share with us some good reading you’re finding across the Internet.