Did I Know Our Next Sponsor Plum Market? I Did

April 25, 2013 at 8:40 am

Welcome our Latest Sponsor

My family and I have been eating local for over eight years. What that means to us is that we aim to get as much of our food from an area close to Chicago. We do not restrict ourselves, surely enjoying things from seasonal citrus to necessary coffee, but if it grows here, we only get it from here. Likewise, we make a strong effort to favor local products. Milk, cheese, beer, eggs, chicken all come from local sources. Nearly all our beef, pork and lamb also comes from local farms. Even most of our tofu, on our vegan stint, is local. We also have a rule that says, it’s local where you buy it. So, for instance, when we made pies from the coconuts we foraged in Florida, we were still eating local.

It means that we are always on the look out for good and interesting local foods when we travel. Did I know Plum Market?

As a family that travels for its stomach, Ann Arbor Michigan has been a place we love to visit. It’s not just the tour d’Zingerman (visit 4 Zingerman operations in one day, get a t-shirt). There is the outstanding smoked fish at Tracklements. And as we learned one visit, Plum Market.

I am invariant collector of free publications when on the road. They have served me exceedingly well.* It was in some Ann Arbor newspaper that I found the ad for Plum. In that ad, I learned of their commitment to local food. We went and stocked up on an array of Michigan products, including fruit, pickles and jams. (Remember, it was all local because of where we got it.) We said to ourselves, we’d love a store like this by us. Who knew, a few years later, I’d get an email saying, Plum’s coming to Chicago and would like to advertise on the Local Beet. Yes, I knew them, I said.

You will too. Plum intends to open in Chicago on on Thursday, June 13, with daily hours from 8:00am to 10:00pm. The store is at 1233 N. Wells St. at Division and Wells in Old Town. Guests will have access to free parking. They will be working hard to carry as much local products as possible.   See how they’re doing and tell them you saw their ad on the Local Beet.

*These free publications have been useful for things besides finding good food. Once in Los Angeles, I picked up a Jewish newspaper. In there, I found an ad where Universal Studio invited their Hebrew friends to visit the theme park during the Christmas holiday for 1/2 off. An offer we gladly took.



  1. billy says:

    “Myself and my family” is not proper English.

  2. Rob Gardner says:

    I listen

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