We Need Beet Reporters

April 24, 2013 at 11:03 am

Wanted: Market Shoppers, CSA Subscribers, Home Canners, Roadtrippers and Other Lovers of Local Food



We need you. The Local Beet is looking for a variety of correspondents. We need more reports from Chicago area markets, especially from markets less talked about (cough Green City cough). We want to hear of your CSA. Your efforts putting food away. Trips to Madison. Contact us now to be a Beet Reporter.

We are not asking for much. If you just want to send in a weekly picture of what came in your CSA box, we’d be very happy with that. Likewise, your market report does not have to be extensive. Just tell us what you like.  Still concerned about the load; we don’t need you to post on a regular basis.  Do what you can.  It all helps.  We do want to know about new farms. Unusual local products you’re seeing. We believe that eat local is fun and the more we can share how much fun it is, the more people will join us in the never ending eat local challenge.

Note, if you were a Beet Reporter a few years ago, but did not contribute last year, we won’t hold that against you. Anyone who’s participated in the past, we want you back. And we want new ones too. Feel free to leave your information in the comments or better, email me at Rob AT thelocalbeet.com.


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  1. Robert says:

    What if you are a former Chicago resident but now live on a farm in Western Illinois and are very involved in the local food movement statewide?

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