UPDATED! – The Locavore Index and Other Eat Local Links – The Weekly Harvest

April 11, 2013 at 7:30 pm

Mostly what came up in our garden of links this week was Stroll’s state by state index of commitment to local foods.  The results may or may not comport to what you think, so Rodale does some digging (NEW!)

Of course, Vermont won.  Texas came in last.  Oregon’s pissed they came in 7th.  How does Florida stack up? Pennsylvania’s happy they’re moving up the list.  Connecticut’s also happy to improve their standing. Tennessee’s not so happy where they stand.  (NEW!) California thinks the fix is in.  (NEW!) Would you imagine Montana’s pretty far up the index.

No matter where your state stands on the Index, there’s room for improvements in the local food movement.

Also this week, focus on ag-gagging.  Ruhlman sums up the problem.  NEW! Our friends at FamilyFarmed pointed us to this really great discussion on their Facebook page on this topic

Nice article on the growth of Chicago area CSA farms, with a nice shout-out to us!

Here’s some outside love for inside our local cheese (and food) scene.