Clearing Out the Cellars this Menu Monday

April 8, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Another Ramp-Less Week Forseen

To Finish What’s Left

Yes, this Local Family has done an excellent job of eating local all winter.  It was an easier winter than winter’s pasts because we got regular shipments of food from Tomato Mountain Farm*.  As in previous years, we have used our un-heated attic as a root cellar in the sky to keep food in between CSA boxes and also have produce not supplied by Tomato Mountain (cough cough potatoes cough cough).  The usefulness of our root cellar, however, is coming to a close.

 In thinking about what the Local Family will eat this week, I doubt it will be ramps or anything else Spring-esque.  Instead, I think it will be those beets that showed up in one our last Tomato Mountain Winter CSA boxes.  It’s been a while since we’ve had beets in the Bungalow.  On the other hand, turnips,  carrots and spinach have been on the menu for weeks, and will remain as we clear out the rest of the root cellars.  We have two complimentary motivations for the week.  First, we are in between CSA seasons and not finding much in the markets.  Thus, our stores are most of our local food around to eat.  Second, we’re fast running out of cold to cold store.  We can move some of what’s around the attic to the basement fridge, but that might not fit all, especially as new food begins next week.  Our inventory of usable local food for the week includes:

  • carrots
  • turnips
  • radishes – 2 kinds
  • spinach
  • onions
  • garlic
  • apples
  • lettuce
  • beets
  • potatoes

In addition to the above, there’s frozen fruit and vegetable, dried herbs and dried peppers and local beans (see below).  

Did I mention I’m vegan?  No I have not because I am not, nor in the plans of becoming one.  My daughter and wife, however, have dedicated themselves to veganism for the month of April. One did it for her high school TV she she produces, the other did it in solidarity.  And I have to do it because that’s what’s for dinner.  It’s meant that Friday night Shabbat dinner was local, Phoenix tofu and local, River Valley Mushrooms, with a side of Tomato Mountain spinach seasoned with some not very local coconut.  It means that this week’s menu will include a big pot of local heirloom black beans from Breslin Farms, which painfully, will not include any of Kim’s bacon ends I have.

I’m starting to hear some reports of early Spring showing up on Chicago area menus.  Just look at the Sola’s success foraging.  I also know a lot of places are cheating about now.  If you see asparagus on the menu, give thought to how locavore their tendencies are.  On this Local Family table, it will be another week of winter.  At least the end is in sight, and we have a purpose.  It has to be finished.

*My wife works for Tomato Mountain