Some Take an Eat Local Challenge in April and Other Great Links in the Weekly Harvest

April 5, 2013 at 11:33 am

*Thanks to Collections of Maine Historical Society for the use of their stellar poster. It is the link of the week and for many weeks to come.

Collections of Maine Historical Society

I’m sure you’ve seen already, Chicagoist’s report on CSAs, with the very nice shout out to us.

Where do you stand on Walmart?

Things looking good for local fruit (h/t – to our friends at Eat Local Western Michigan)

We want every day to be an Eat Local Day, but we also love the idea of an official monthly “Eat Local” day in Illinois.

To many April is eat local cheat month, but not in Geneva, New York, Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Charleston, South Carolina

Who says you can’t eat local in the colder months?  A nice podcast from Indiana where they say they do.

Eat local sausage.