The Next Weekly Harvest

March 22, 2013 at 9:32 am

Will we really see a permanent farmer’s market with its own dedicated, year-round facility in the Fulton Market area?  (If they ask us, we have a very building over there we think would be ideal) (h/t BR).

Friend of Beet Moma Cuisine has a nice graphic on eating organics for less.

Eat local fish while you still can.

Does your school lunch have an eat local day?

Another drop-out to urban ag.

When we first started eating local, people would ask, how’s it going.  We’d say, don’t ask us now, ask us later.  You cannot know how it’s like eating local until you have tried it for a while, especially for a while through leaner periods.  Likewise, as this article points out, you have to make you plans for eating local later now.

Enough of the pig head, what about the other end.  The Butcher of Butcher and Larder, Rob Leavitt has some ideas for using the tail end of a hog (hat-tip Wendy).

We love beets, right?  Much beet info on this page.

Sula goes a-tamar’n from corned beef to corned beans.

Our collection of links from last week’s Good Food Festival.