Missed a Beet on Menu Monday

March 18, 2013 at 4:54 pm

The last time I checked in in with you on a Menu Monday, I was inventorying the food we had in the Bungalow. I mentioned “un-assigned beets” ¬†as something we had for menus forthcoming. Well between that post and the anticipated roasting, it seems all the household beets gave in to the mold bug. It was a lot of un-salvageable local beets for the compost bin. Luckily, as pictured above, our winter CSA from Tomato Mountain* contained beets this week. The Local Family does plan on tacking them soon lest they succumb too.

Our CSA this week also contained spinach and carrots. In my whole locavore life, I’ve always felt I needed to be careful with carrots. I actually resolved one year to eat more carrots, but even then, the carrots were mostly saved for braises, stocks, gravies, and if then there was surplus, to stick sticks in the kid’s lunches. All those Moroccan carrot salads and French marinated carrots seemed like luxuries I could not afford. Roast too many carrots and where would they be when we needed them. With our winter CSA, we have not needed to worry about divvying up our carrots. Having a lot of carrots is something I do not mind at all.

Neither is having too much frost-kissed winter spinach. As previously noted, the greens this time of year are nearly too sweet for salads. My wife has also found them an excellent tool to add to leftovers when we go for Asian soup noodles. She can make one dish from Chinatown last at least three meals with our CSA greens. She also likes to give them a quick saute and add a fried egg for an easy meal.

Over all, this week is kind of a placeholder week in menu-making. Next Monday is Passover, a holiday Jews celebrate with much, much food. A sneak peak at the menu would tell you it includes bollito misto with locally raised veal, whitefish done in a classic Jewish North African style, using local, dried red peppers; and potato kugel with Wisconsin russets. Of course, our glut of carrots will be used for the meat stock. We also plan on a tzimmes, using the carrots and butternut squash still around.

What will be on your local menus this week?

*Wife works for Tomato Mountain