The Local Beet and FamilyFarmed Want to Talk CSAs at the Good Food Festival

March 12, 2013 at 9:53 am

The Time to Think About Your CSA is Now



If you have young kids, you’re planning summer camp about right now. If you have the itch to eat local, you’re probably planning your summer CSA about right now. The Local Beet recently released its 2013 list of Community Supported Agriculture or CSA providers that serve the Chicago area. In addition, Beet Associate Editor Wendy Aeschlimann, keeper of all things CSA, posted on what’s new and what’s old in the CSA world. You can learn more about CSAs with the Beet and FamilyFarmed.Org at this week’s Good Food Festival.

On Friday, when the Festival focuses on food policy and the local food trade, there will be a session on The Future of CSA. The main questions on the table for this session will be on whether the CSA model is right for all farmers and all consumers, and what do farmers and consumers need to know to maximize their CSA experience. I will be on the panel, presenting my views as a long-time CSA subscriber and also as someone familiar with many CSA operations. Additional speakers include Dela Ends; Dela and her husband Tony, have been long time organic CSA farmers serving our area. Dela brings her experience farming but also her experience with the Fair Share CSA Coalition that seeks to enhance the resources of CSA farmers in Wisconsin. Karen Warner, Dominic Green and Jennifer Borchardt also lend their backgrounds as farmers. Jenny Meyer from the Angelic Organic Learning Center will moderate. It should be a spirited discussion with many direct, and perhaps not always politic, ideas about CSAs.  This session is on Friday March 15 from 1045 AM to 12 PM

The Saturday session, Is a CSA Right for You?,  is geared toward the general public, especially consumers who are subscribers or almost-subscribers to CSAs.  It will focus less on policy and more on the practical aspects of CSAs. Wendy will moderate the panel, and she will join CSA farmers Jenny Borchardt, of Harvest Moon Farms, Kim Marsin of Sweet Home Organics, and Local Beet contributor Jody Osmund of Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm. This session is a must if you’ve ever thought about joining a CSA. There will be lots of frank talk about whether you’re a good candidate for a CSA, and if you’re on the fence, they’ll talk about all the options available for you in today’s CSA marketplace. If you’ve ever felt like a CSA would be an overwhelming endeavor, the panel will offer lots of tips to make it a positive experience for you and your family. This session will run from 12:30 – 1:45 PM on Saturday March 16.

In addition to those two sessions, the Local Beet will have a table in the Exhibit Hall. Beetniks will be there on Friday and Saturday to discuss eating local and help you with all your eat-local questions.

We really hope you can make it to this year’s Good Food Festival. Go here for tickets. To sweeten the pot, we’ve got a code for you to use to get ten percent off any of the packages.   Enter ac10_12 when you get your tickets for 10 percent off any Good Food Festival event.