Weekly Harvest of Urban Ag and other Eat Local Links

March 8, 2013 at 10:09 am

Innovation in the marijuana industry, both legal and not, has helped farmers produce higher yields with fewer resources“.  Read about three new urban agriculture enterprises in this week’s Crain’s Chicago Business.

Have you heard of Willow Inn on Lummi Island in Washington.  It’s been called the ultimate locavore restaurant, and it stands, right now, as a culinary leader.  It needs more followers here in Chicago.  No one can expect a restaurant here to gather all its food from within 9 miles, but more places should.

What’s wrong with beef off the Sysco truck? “Using things from right here on the island helps give context to the meal,” Wetzel said, “makes it something that you couldn’t replicate. I’m not the best chef in the world, and this is not the Ritz-Carlton, but maybe we’re a little more thought provoking.”

Read more about the Willow Inn here.

Good friend of Beet Wally  Al-Shamma has a new web site for his L.O.S.T. Foods.

Tom tipped you off that things had taken a turn to the Grisham at Chicago’s Five Rabbit Brewery.  Here’s a some more details.

Besides finding so much for the weekly Local Calendar, Beetnik Jeannie Boutelle also found this resource for the Harvest.

We mentioned earlier this week on the blog a couple of events in Chicago promoting urban agriculture.  Want to read more.  Start here.