Become an Urban Farmer (Or At Least Learn about Urban Farming)

March 5, 2013 at 11:27 am

The other day, I watched the movie Ingredients, which covered a lot of the problems facing our food systems.   I did not, however, fully agree with one issue, that of diminishing farmland.  I understand that there are many areas in the US (or around the world), where urban sprawl is encroaching or has encroached on farmland.  That can be a problem in those areas, but we have to also recognize all the new farmland coming into use.  After all, as I mentioned to someone the other day, we have Detroit.  There are surely ways in which the city will be the new face of food.  If you want to learn more, including details on starting your own city farm, there’s an event this weekend and next weekend to get you going.

This weekend you can attend two days of sessions at the Plant for the 1st Midwest Urban Farmer’s Summit.  Workshops will cover legal issues, livestock, and land acquisition as well as an overview provided by the Advocates of Urban Agriculture.  - March 9-10 - 1400 W. 46th St., Chicago

Next weekend, at the combined Good Food Festival/Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council Summit, you can also find several activities related to urban agriculture.  To really see what is happening, you should take the urban farm bus tour. – March 14-16 – UIC Forum