Risks to the Local Cheese Industry and More in This Week’s Harvest

February 22, 2013 at 10:40 am

Can You can’t make a menu of turnips, rutabagas and potatoes?  Outstanding article in this week’s New York Times on keeping it local in the winter.  New York chef, Dan Barber answers that “he preferred cooking in the winter months. At what point can I make the greatest impression? People’s expectations are lower, and it’s easier to exceed them.”

The whole industry cringes when there’s an illness outbreak.  A  new Food and Drug Administration study  found that the risk of a dangerous and sometimes fatal infection from soft-ripened cheeses made from raw milk is up to 160 times higher than that from soft-ripened cheeses made from pasteurized milk.  Tougher regulations on popular raw-milk cheeses could come as a result of the report.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel looks into the impact on our local cheese world.

One way the anti-locavores try to prey on your good intentions is to make you feel guilty about all the struggling farmers in Africa, India, etc. who are not getting your money since you buy local.  Our primary argument on this is that most locavores are more than happy to stock up on chocolate, coffee, tapioca, spices, and other items that grow best where they grow best.  And it’s actually pressure to put non-traditional crops in these places that’s causing problems (h/t).

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