Chicago’s Pipeworks named World’s Best New Brewery

January 27, 2013 at 6:47 pm

With interestingly named brews like their signature Ninja vs. Unicorn Double IPA, Ca$h 4 Golden Ale, and At Her Majesty’s Pleasure, many of Pipeworks’ brews have consistently received 95+ scores from the many raters at Ratebeer. And those ratings have added up to Pipeworks being named the World’s Best New Brewery.

We first told you about Pipeworks, and Beejay and Gerrit’s background, here on The Local Beet, back in early 2010, although they really didn’t get going until 2012.

There’s an extensive conversation with Beejay here. It’s particularly interesting now that Pipeworks has been rated World’s Best.

I’ve been impressed by every Pipeworks beer I’ve tried. As a marketing guy, if I had to criticize any aspect of their operation, it would be that their labels are so divergent. I’ve seen liquor store shelves with seven or eight facings of Pipeworks beers, but because there  are no obvious common elements among the labels, it can appear to the casual observer that the beers may be from different breweries.

Pipeworks is still self-distributed, and unavailable outside the greater Chicago area. Gerrit and Beejay are working fervently on increasing capacity. Their beers are well worth seeking out, even if you have to scour beer store shelves, sorting through all the disparate labels to find the Pipeworks logo.