A Weekly, Weekly Harvest

January 15, 2013 at 5:40 pm

We are getting back into the swing of things at the Local Beet in posting our regular features such as Jeannie Boutelle’s outstanding Local Calendar, and my adequate Weekly Harvest.

Over the weekend, I engaged in the perennial locavore argument about what makes a good farmer’s market.  The folks at Civil Eats offer their argument here.

Pretty cool that President Obama’s Inaugural lunch (considered the hardest ticket) is an homage to the artisanal, sustainable and, where possible, local foods.  The menu, for whatever reason, however, sources heavily from the very non-swing state of New York.  Hey, Mr. President, why nothing from the Great Lakes area?

One of the reasons I cite for eating local is that it leads to less solid waste.  In the UK they’re thinking the same thing.

The quality and variety of cheeses coming out of Wisconsin continues to amaze, and if you think you’re close to keeping up, check out the ones one of our favorite bloggers, Cheese Underground, wants you to try in 2013.

Jews revere the number 18, so I once came up with an 18 point guide to eating local.  Yet, who would not revere a list 150 strong on eating local.  Lots of fun stuff here.

The market for anti-locavorism tomes seems to be holding strong for the coming year.

Anything else interesting you’ve run across so far this year?