GIVEAWAY! – We Have Something for You Because We Respect the Craft

December 13, 2012 at 3:14 pm

What does everyone want this time of year?  How about a little extra spending power.  How about a $25 gift card to get some special foods.  We’re excited to announce your chance to win such a card, and we’re excited to announce you also have the chance to win a bonus $25 card.  Before we get to this, want to digress slightly.  Our friend Mike Gebert over at Grub Street Chicago asked the questions we were thinking when we heard about a new Chicago restaurant called Local.  Besides getting at the central question of getting away with calling yourself local when your menu focuses on “lobster quesadillas, lump crabcakes, Cabo Shrimp Chili, and dead of winter “local greens” including tomatoes,” it gets to a question more important to us, do we just care about distance.  Really, no.  We value many things higher, including artisanship.  That’s why we like City Fresh, a Chicago area grocer with branches on the North side and at the French Market.  The family that owns City Fresh came to Chicago from Serbia, and since they’ve opened, they have been bringing their customers the tastes of home.  They also make products familiar that whole Balkan/Greek/Slavic region no matter the religious and cultural differences.  After all, we all like to eat well.

At the Local Beet, we believe strongly in the idea of “eating local,” but if you’ve heard us explain, we say that it’s all about getting the foods we value. Foods made or grown the right ways. Local is a means not an end. In our world, we still drink coffee, eat citrus and bananas in the winter, and look for people who make things with care. For instance, we’ve been shopping for the house made bureks at City Fresh for years. In fact, we love them so much that we served them at one of our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah party. We also like and appreciate so much of the other things City Fresh is doing in house including:

  • Yogurt
  • Sarma or stuffed cabbage (City Fresh pickles its own cabbage in-house)
  • Cakes and pastries (Keks, Puslica, Boem, strudels, breads, cookies, Rafaelos, Baklava & Kataifi, etc.  A huge list of traditional Eastern European and Mediterranean pastries made in-house)
  • Meats (Cevapi, Cvarci, Pljeskavica, etc; i.e., sausages and burgers)

In addition, City Fresh makes special orders for instance many vegan options to meet the needs of the Orthodox fasting periods.  Want to see for yourself?  Well, the Local Beet and City Fresh are offering three $25 gift cards to our readers.  All you need to do is respond in our comments with the words, “house-made.”  Doing so, will enter you in a random drawing for a card.  Wait, there’s more.  We are also giving away one card to the first person who can identify some of the products made in house at City Fresh, and we want a good, reasonable name (spelling has to be close but your answers have to be written in English letters!)–in the event that no one names all the products, the person who names the most will win, and in the event there is a tie, the winner will be determined via a random draw.  Note, the person who wins the name the European food contest is still entered in the random drawing contest, so you have the chance to win two $25 gift cards.



  1. Jerry Deasy says:

    I love shopping at City Fresh. Everything is first class.

  2. S P Elias says:

    My comment is “house-made”.

  3. esp says:


    And I don’t know what those pictures are of, but they all look fabulous!

  4. Annette says:


    It looks like there’s a burek in one of the photos, not sure what the other ones are. The chocolate-caramel pastry looks awesome!

  5. lynn says:


    The first item does look like a burek; the last looks like cevapi.

  6. John Wilson says:


    burek, boem cake, sarma, cevapcici

  7. Shannon says:

    My comment is “house-made.”

  8. Jess says:

    House-made. These pictures look amazing. Can I come cook with you?

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