The Weekly Harvest Returns

December 10, 2012 at 5:24 pm

If you missed your weekly harvest of eat local links, we apologize, but we were in Florida last week foraging coconuts off the sidewalk and reaping backyard starfruit.* ┬áBack, here’s what we found around here.

The WH does not link to other Beetniks, but this tour of Uplands Cheese should be the next thing you read after our post here.

There can never be too much attention to restaurants doing things the right way.

Is local washing a problem around here?

We tend to be dismissive of various complaints over the concept of eating local, but we do buy having to cook as an associated issue. ┬áThus, we’re always looking for good advice like these ten tips.

And here’s some advice for dealing with local beef.

Eat stinky local cheese.

*Coconut-cranberry chess pie