The Weekly Harvest of Thanksgiving

November 19, 2012 at 11:07 am

Yes, we have at least one thanksgiving link below, and yes we have some links to things that make us thankful, but we’re really just calling this the Thanksgiving Weekly Harvest because that’s what week this is.  Still, feel free to tell us of any eat local links that fit the week’s theme.

One of the persons we turn to most for locavore learning is Terra Brockman.  We’re also glad to turn to her for this help in encouraging a local Thanksgiving.

We’re due to put up a list of Midwest area winter markets, but maybe this little item will get your travel plans started.

Wisconsin also involved in expanding our drink local options.

And the cheese is so varied up there, that now there’s even a “New Zealand” style Wisconsin cheese.

Do you think the local food movement has reached its limits?

Not if what’s happening right here in Chicago gets going.

Last week we had links that made us pissed.  This week we have one that makes us happy.