Chicago Food Film Festival Night One, Farm To Film to Table

November 16, 2012 at 1:02 am

If you are on the fence, with the Chicago Food Film Festival, buy your tickets for the Fish Fry tomorrow night, for the Avocado Takedown at noon on Saturday(Did you not read my avocado piece in the Spring about how good avocados are for you? ), ( I cannot emphasize how happy you will be if you partake in this event, I was introduced to Matt Timms and I can tell  this will be a very unique, incredible event!)

SoI could go on and on about night one, about the films, in particular, Farmer and Poet about Harry Carr and Mint Creek Farm, Artisan Baker and the soul of making bread, Speakeasy Supper Club of Atlanta about Central American Fusion cuisine, the artistry and soul of food and the love of family, and as an audience member the interaction with food.

For me, the night was made in tasting Philip Foss’ food of El Ideas, he still has the crazy passion of the Meaty Balls Mobile, his ex-food truck, with his ingenious bites that he delivers on the plate. Roderick Markus of Rare Tea Sellers had such incredible teas on his table(I could potentially give up alcohol because of the taste of these teas), one focused on lemon and the other around ginger.

The sponsors, including earth friendly, tied to the land, Frei Brothers Reserve, Begyle Brewers in Chicago, Bon Appetit Magazine. The organizers have a great radar about connecting with very relevant Chicago artisanal producers.

The Chicago Food and Film Festival is doing just that, adding dimensions to the good eating experience and going after your other senses while at the same time providing great tasting food. I think as of this post you can still get tickets for the remaining events here, did I mention avocadoes??

Update!! Fortunately the folks at the filmfest were taking pictures so here are some photos(thanks to Troy L. Amber,


Andrew Dennison, the butcher of Artisanal Wilmette was sampling his house-cured bacon. Frei Brothers Reserve was plentiful and this was all after we watched the films!