Free The Chickens! The Chicken Freedom Project

November 14, 2012 at 12:17 pm


Our friend at Grub Street Chicago, Michael Gebert, wrote this yesterday, “Slagel Family Farm Wants Help Bringing Light to Chickens“, in case you missed it. The pictures above are from the Stephanie Izard Farm Dinner that took place at Slagel Farms this year.

They’re converting a 100,000 caged chicken facility to cage-free with the help of the community and are asking for donations so they can provide a more humane environment for their chickens.

To participate and help make the CHICKEN FREEDOM PROJECT a reality, you can go to their website and read about their intentions and plans. Working at the Green City Market this past outdoor season, I saw first hand that the demand for naturally, locally produced eggs is increasing. If you care about local eggs, no matter what the donation size, help them out if you can. Let the chickens see the light!