The Weekly Harvest for November 5th Does Some Traveling as Well as Some Coveting

November 5, 2012 at 9:33 am

I owe a lot to New Orleans, so I’m always watching things there. Many (many) years ago, I had to pick a law school. I weighed a few options, but one school stood above in my decision. Tulane. See, I wanted to spend three years in New Orleans. Yes, I scheduled my education around food, drink and music. Surely, my eat local tendencies began there, where, even then, they waited for the creole tomato season and the Ponchatoula strawberry season, and everyone derived their meals from the local waters. New Orleanians ate local without thinking much about it then, and when they did start thinking about it, things only got better. Man, I would have been a regular at the Crescent City Farmer’s Market if they had it. And now, moving things along, a new butcher shop.

Outside of New Orleans, my other favorite place for eating local is probably Madison, Wisconsin.  I just came across a nice blog covering its good food scene.

And one of my favorite local foods in Madison has to be fried cheese curds.  I love the ones at Old Fashioned, but I’ve never done a taste test.  Jeanne Carpenter, whose Cheese Underground Blog is one of my favorites, does a little survey.

And a few more Wisconsin notes: Rush Creek Reserve out earlier this year (remember waiting?); that cheese is one of 10 Wisconsin cheeses Serious Eats thinks you should try.  It’s a very good list, although since it’s from a trip sponsored by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, it does not feature any non-cow’s milk cheeses.  If you were to reduced Wisconsin cheeses to ten, you’d have to include something sheepy from Hidden Springs and a chevre like Fantome.  Honestly, there’s a few other changes I’d make–cough, cough Holland’s gouda cough, cough–but the point of this post is to see what other people are saying, right?

On the other hand, I’ve always been fascinated by the lure of eating local in Hawaii, and barely touched the locavore scene in Memphis when I visited this summer, giving me one more reason to return to that city.

Trapped raccoon, cured bear, Mike Sula walks us into the woods at Elizabeth and makes it even more pressing that we get there ourselves soon.