Weekly Harvest 10.22.12

October 22, 2012 at 7:36 am

Most eyes look at a Plant being built as the future of indoor farming in the Chicago area, but mostly under the radar, some former real estate players have been turning out plants too as”Farmedhere” (great name).  We recently learned that now they’re expanding their operations, thanks to support from Whole Foods (h/t Crains)

Jeannie says if she’s not doing the harvesting, at least include the latest from Ben Hewitt.

Who has not seen these reports from Bare Knuckle Farms, but just in case, please know more about the animals you eat.

One thing that we always look for in our harvest is examples of local eating where you might not see it.  Take Southern Arizona where it has been noted that “It can be a challenge to source local food products. The largest agricultural product by far in Southern Arizona remains cotton.”  But these guys are trying.

It’s often easier to eat local in Wisconsin, and now, in the Southwest section, the heart of the cheese zone too, there’s a few more ways to partake in the regional bounty.

Braiser.com writes about one of our favorite places, Madison, Wisconsin

Over the past few decades, [Madison has] grown into a fiercely locavore city with a sprawling network of farmers, purveyors, and artisans — as well as a restaurant scene which takes pride in showing off their home-grown products. It’s San Francisco with more layers (both in terms of flavor and clothing), basically, and a few chefs who’ve grabbed the national spotlight.

They’ve spotlighted ten.

A nice write-up about how our friends at the Greater Midwestern Foodways got started and what they’ve done since.

Eating local seems to have inspired an investment movement as well.

Please share any good eat local links we missed.