Do We Have to Look Really Close at the Papers to Find Local Food

September 19, 2012 at 10:17 am


Do we need to look really close at the papers this week to find evidence of local food sold at the neighborhood grocery stores?  Well, if you’ve shopped Caputo’s like I have this week, you know that you’ll find local produce beyond what’s advertised in the flyers.  Still, what do the papers say.  Our weekly round-up does show a few items even if one of the items requires you to look really close.

Meijer - No Meiijer flyer in our paper this week.

Jewel - No local produce advertised

Ultra - No Ultra ad in our paper this week

Dominicks - A winner this week:

  • Michigan honeycrisp apples

Tony’s - Nothing this week

Super Low Foods – Another winner this week:

  • Wisconsin russet potatoes
  • Illinois red or golden delicious apples

Aldi’s - No local food advertised.

Angelo Caputo’s - A shopping trip here on Tuesday found locally grown green beans, cubanelle peppers, green bell peppers and a few types of Wisconsin grown potatoes.  In addition, their flyer advertises:

  • Locally squash – acorn, butternut, spaghetti

Food 4 Less - No local food.

A&G - Once again, the Chicago Tribune I picked up this week contained an A&G ad.  Unlike last week, A&G does not specifically advertise local produce.  Yet, if you look carefully at their ad for russet potatoes, shown above, you will see that the potatoes come from Wisconsin.  That’s good enough for me.