Our Papers Still Lead to Local Food (Barely)

September 13, 2012 at 2:03 pm


Our sources within the weekly grocery store flyers don’t point to much local food left.  In fact, we only found local food advertised in two places, and one of those was an unlikely candidate.  See below for the results of our weekly survey.

Meijer - While Meijer usually plays up their “home grown” suppliers, this week’s ad failed to mention it. In addition, they did not advertise any local produce.

Jewel - After several weeks of no promotions, can we conclude that Jewel’s given up on local food

Ultra - Nothing this week

Dominicks - Nothing this week

Tony’s - Nothing this week

Aldi’s - No local food advertised.

Angelo Caputo’s - Only a few things advertised, but as I noted last week in my update (and confirmed this week), the available local produce also included many types of peppers, canning tomatoes, winter squash and eggplant.  The flyer

  • Locally grown string beans
  • Locally grown zucchini

Food 4 Less - No local food.

A&G - The Chicago Tribune I picked up this week contained an A&G ad.  A&G is a large grocery store on the NW side of Chicago.  It’s selection caters mostly to Poles and Mexicans living around the store, and in general their selections are good (with an especially interesting and varied selection of offal).  I rarely see, however, local produce there when I’ve visited (granted not often these days). Still, as pictured above they do advertise this:

  • Michigan green beans