Show Me Your Papers – UPDATED: Field Evidence

September 5, 2012 at 4:29 pm

UPDATE: I went to Caputo’s yesterday for a few things, and while I was there I did field research on their local food.  I found much more than shown in the paper.  For one thing, if you want to eat local and live on peppers, Caputo’s had your needs met.  Local peppers included red and green bells, cubanelle, Melrose, sweet banana and jalapeno.  For another thing, you could eat local and have variety too.  Caputo’s stock of local produce also included big bushels of tomatoes, two varieties of hard squash, and Michigan grown eggplants.   Buy local where ever you can.


Can you demonstrate that local foods can be found at your neighborhood grocery store?  If you live on apples and potatoes, they answer may be yes.  Otherwise, the era of accessible and affordable local food seems to be fading.

Meijer - This Michigan based grocery store has been promoting local produce for many years, surely before it became a marketing tool.  Unlike in previous weeks, the Meijer ad this week does not call great attention to their “homegrown” program.  Instead, they just advertise these items:

  • Michigan moon plums and pluots
  • Butternut, buttercup and spaghetti squash
  • Cilantro
  • Zucchini
  • Bi-color sweet corn

Jewel - We’ve local produce here during the summer, both in-store and in the supplements, but this week they again advertise none.

Ultra - Like a lot of others in the 2nd tier, they offer

  • Wisconsin russet potatoes

Dominicks - We remember when this was the dominant store in our area.  Now, we find so many of the stores tired and oddly expensive.  Their summer of local food seems to be winding down.  We find only

  • Michigan gala apples

Tony’s - This company runs four stores on the Northwest side of Chicago.  They point out one local thing:

  • Wisconsin russet potatoes

Aldi’s - No local food advertised.

Angelo Caputo’s - I have not visited Caputo’s yet this week, so I can only speak to the supplement.  They point to the following local foods:

  • Michigan eggplant
  • Wisconsin russet potatoes

Food 4 Less - No local food.

Pan’s- This is the first time an insert for this South Oak Park grocery showed up in my North Oak Park Tribune.  I’m glad because I found more local food nearby.  They advertise this:

  • Wisconsin russet potatoes
  • Illinois jonathan and golden delicious apples