The Weekly Harvest 8/10/12 Sustainable Food Blogs Here and Yonder

August 10, 2012 at 6:38 pm

  I was fortunate to attend an “uber-local” Michigan event at Hickory Creek winery this week. Who knew, when I saw a northern Michigan gelato truck, Palazzolos in the field and they were serving a gelato made out of verjus, that the juice was made from the discarded green grapes from prunng the vines. It seems Palazzolo’s is made in Fenville, Michigan but distributed all over the country. Their gelato, that they make in many, many flavors,  was mighty tasty!

Lots as usual going on in the blogsphere this week, with the Midwest drought taking front and center in the headlines. tackled “Farming without water“. Nourishing the Planet talked about “12 innovations to Combat Drought, Improve Food Security and Stabilize Food Prices” ABCnews reported “Obama authorized $30mm more in Drought Aid” Motherjones has a pictorial of how the drought will affect food prices on certain items. In case you missed it, Draughts for Drought is happening at Farmhouse Chicago to help out Harvest Moon Farms. The New York Times just published “US sees Corn Yields Hitting 17 Year Low Raising Prices”

Motherjones reported that “Biotech Giants are Bankrolling a GMO Free for All” Grant Kessler at The 100 Meal Project commented on “GMO Labeling is More than the Label” ran a piece, “Food Inc. Chicken Farmer is Free as a Bird” within this link they point out a new site started by the director of Food Inc. Robert Kenner,

Grubstreet Chicago did a review of Janine Maclachlan’s book, “Farmers Markets of the Heartland“, “Eat Food You Can Visit“.

There are so many incredible Chicago food blogs, but here are just a few… Sky Full of Bacon, Beauty and Her Feast, Stockyard Palate, MargesNextMeal for just a very few…..