Weekly Harvest 8/4/12 Sustainable food blogs here and yonder

August 4, 2012 at 5:18 pm

Lots going on this weekend including Lollapalooza, which for the 100,000 people in attendance, there was a farmers market! Seedling Fruit was not only selling their smoothies but bags of apples as well. Tiny Greens had their Green Bull and RockNRoll wraps and you couldn’t miss the River Valley Kitchen crew with their yells and whistles when customers left tips. But slowly but surely local food is moving towards the main stream!!! Now on to the active blogsphere this week.

Signs of hope over labeling issues. The New York Times ran this article, “Lawsuit forces General Mills to Defend the Accuracy of its Local Labeling

Forbes ran an interesting piece “Meet the Guys Who Make Local Food Affordable” which is all about food hubs!

New York Times also ran an article on “The Drought and The Farm Bills” Another NYT, “Scorched Earth in the Midwest“. Huffington Post wrote about small farms and the drought. The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition has been posting daily on national legislature dealing with the Farm Bill and agricultural issues.

The Organic Consumers Association produced this video on “GMO in Your Food Supply:The Seeds of Freedom

The USDA continues to expand their “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” with their Food Compass which is an online resource for access and information about local food on a nationwide basis.

For you one minute activists out there, sign this petition on Change.org “to get chemicals out of all food-packaging“. Food and Water Watch has a petition about “You have a right to know what is in your food

Civileats published a post on “How the London Olympics Will Revolutionize Food

Eater had a follow-up to the Food Truck law just passed by the Chicago City Council.

Who knew what a great weekend the Morton Arboretum has planned all centered on honey bees, September 6th -9th.

The Scrumptious Pantry has an Heirloom 2.0 program going on.

Sustylife out of New York had this blog post on Chicago urban gardens.

Well, if you were wondering what Ellen and Grant are doing on the 100MealProject they are making a trip to Monsanto, yes you read that right! Read the post as to why!

From Belly to Bacon writes about Underground Food Collectives Nduja and Goat Sec.

Another local food blog never to be missed, Lottie+Doof. You can never go wrong getting some tasty cooking ideas from them!